Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Holiday Season

Christmas is over and now that work is slowing down I now have time to relax and get to know my wife again. It has been a crazy month working but there is a lot of good news. My foot is not broken. It had gotten so painful that I couldn't walk and after some very expensive scans I was left not knowing why it hurt but at least it doesn't hurt now. The hernia that I thought I had may just be a pulled muscle and with a few weeks of not busting my gut everything should go back to normal. A great part to all of this was that my insurance is great and after all the doctor visits and scans it only cost us 60 bucks! Of course the majority of my ailments are work related but it is great to have it sorted out.

My wife is doing well with the pregnancy. There are times when that little boy of ours just kicks and wiggles all around and I can't imagine that it is all too comfortable for her but she has been a trooper through it all. We were spoiled this Christmas with great gifts from family and friends. My Mom got our family a Queens onesie and sweatshirts for us. Of course the best part was giving some great gifts that the family loved. is great at picking out presents that everyone really enjoyed and can use which is a big change from my usual gift card presentation.

With work at UPS slowing down, we are looking at starting up a pest control business again and I have to admit that I am excited for it. I will stay at UPS to get the great benefits and do my own thing in the afternoon. I miss working for myself, my boss was really cool.

That being said, life is great. Now we just need our friends from New York, New Jersey, Florida and Colorado to come out here for a really fun vacation!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Favorite Thing

The other week I watched Oprah do her show talking about all of her favorite things. Mostly it was all just a bunch of gadgets and gizmos that were kind of cool but seemed more like a waste of money than anything else. For me, my favorite thing happened this morning around 5. My wife who has taken to sleeping on the couch when her back is really bothering her came into the bedroom to cuddle with me. We talked for a couple hours as the snow was falling outside and morning slowly crept into the room. I loved it, cuddle time is my favorite time of any day.

That being said nothing else seems all that important. I am sitting at this computer realizing that the painkillers I took for my foot are keeping me from being able to write complete sentences. Maybe I will write some more tomorrow when I can see straight.