Saturday, December 30, 2006

We're heeeere!

I know that I posted this picture over the weekend and it is now Wednesday of the following week but I just haven't had the right time to get this typed. I also know that I might catch some grief for not doing anything "amazing" for the New Year. Here I live in NYC and have one of the biggest parties going on just a matter of miles from my home and I didn't join. All I have to say about that is there is no way that I could be talked into be a sardine for 10 hours in Times Square just to see a flashing ball drop. This may sound cynical but after being stuck in crowds on just a normal evening there is no way that this sounded fun.

Friday night I went to a dane up in Inwood. Fun dance, good people. After the dance Amber Hailee Rob and I crammed into my little work truck and made our way down to the Path station so the girls coule get back to Jersey. Hailee and Rob wanted a little alone time so Amber and I found some food and waited for them to find us.

Sunday was a church day after a lot of sleeping, then I split my time between Jersey at the Ortiz home and in Queens at Lisa's house. I slpet through most of monday and spent the rest of the time in my PJ's at lisa's place.

Now I am back to work and just getting through one day at a time. I really wonder what goes through my technicians'heads when I see the things they do at a customers home. A funny note this morning I was going over some customers with one of my guys and I remarked how it would suck to have this man's name. He asked which one and I said Henry Kissinger. He told me it was him... I said THE Henry... He said yes and that he gets to go through Secret Service everytime. Who would of thought that the Orkin man had such connections!?!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Orange and me

Behind me you can see the Orange Mime. I have to say that he impresses me even though he isn't that good at what he does. It is fun to see where he pops up over the city though and to see how the crowds react to him. Becky told me I should get a show of my own and have been giving it some thought. I think maybe W.W.W.D. What Would Willie Do? I could play some Willie Nelson music and have people sing along then sell some bracelets for a couple of dollars... It would give me something to do on the weekends at least.

Christmas was great. My family was able to send me some great gifts and I spent the day in Jersey with friends. Christmas Eve, I dressed as Santa and went to a friend's home and did a routine for her son that is 4. It was funny because this kid never stops talking but when he came in and saw me he shocked. I left through the back door and changed into normal clothes and rang the front door bell. He saw me and was still quiet and his mom said that he just had a visit from Santa, so I asked him what he talked to Sant about and he said "I didn't know what to say!". He is a funny kid so it was fun hanging out with him. After that we all went to midnight mass at the local Catholic church. That was interesting but I liked it.

Christmas Day i went to the Ellis home hoping to hang out with David for a few hours but he had alternate plans that involved an attractive Brazilian. I can't say I blame him for it considering I spent part of my Christmas in similar circumstances. When I got home that night I slept like a baby, after eating Chinese food of course. That is my new tradition, Chinese food on Christmas!

I had Tuesday off so i spent the morning cleaning my apartment and getting some groceries then just hanging out with friends the rest of the afternoon. Just add sleeping and working and that was the rest of my week as well. There is a YSA dance tonight up in Harlem that sounds like will get a big turnout so I am looking forward to that especially because the Jersey crowd is planning on coming over for it.

my thought for the day is that I am really getting settled in my life... The thought of actually having kids of my own really scares me! I don't know how people do it, it must just be one of those things you like after it's all done.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

PC in NYC!

I got to do a little bit of off road driving yesterday in Brooklyn. We set up 36 rat boxes around a vacant lot that is about to undergo some work. Since this is a big overgrown space and everyone is concerned about rodent migrating to the surrounding areas we were called to set up a defense system. That is the proper way of saying it, I just had fun driving my truck through the hills and grass all over this place. I will admit though that it was in a scary part of town that I wouldn't want to be in late at night, actually i don't want to be there anytime. It was underneath the belt parkway not far from Coney Island but right by the subway depot so it was a dead spot where anything could happen and no one would know.

I am glad that it is Friday and i will have a four day weekend until i return to work and then i will only be working 3 days! It will be a great time to get some reading done and catch up on some sleep. I got some cold from my workers here, it is like having kids, when they get sick, I get sick... It was just a few days of being sore and stuffed up and hopefully I won't get it again for a few months.

I found a great place for Chinese food around the corner from my apartment. I did make the mistake of saying extra spicy because it came out without any spice at all. I should have known better then to confuse them, next time I will just point to the picture and say "1, to go" just to keep it simple. Next I need to try the pizza place that is a couple blocks further. I love having so many things close by to where I live. I might gain 100 pounds but at least it will be close to my house so I won't have to walk far to get fatter.

For the holidays, I am planning on sleeping in and then speding some nice quiet time at home then heading to the Ellis home for the evening. I am actually looking forward to some quiet days of doing nothing. If the weather is nice I might head into manhattan to see what is cooking but other than that no plans and that is a good thing.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having fun in chinatown!

Steve, my boss, said that I was heartless and crazy for letting my sister navigate her way around the city by herself so he gave me the day off. Of course I had already worked 3 hours and had most of my work done and now I owe him one, but it was nice of him. Becky and I drove into the city and eventually parked at a lot near the Holland tunnel which made for a nice escape. We worked our way accross Canal street where she bought some women purses things for a pretty good price. It was one of those places that we had to follow a little chinese chick a few blocks up and into the basement of a little shopping mart. In the basement it was behind another locked door and it was a paradise for her.

After the collection of her loot, we walked through Chinatown for a little bit and sat in a park down there just to people watch and enjoy the language. It is a fun place to sit and see all the old men shuffle around and play checkers. There was even a bit of music there that made me feel like I was watching a martial arts movie.

We went up to little Italy after that and got some cannollis from Ferrara's. They were good and I want more but I don't want to have a heart attack this year so I might wait a few weeks before I go back.

We went into Jersey and hung out with the Ellis family for a bit and then got some of the good pizza over in Westfield... It really is good there. We made it out to Morristown for institute and then crawled back home to get a few hours rest before heading out this morning. As I type, she is walking around one of the museums in Manhattan and I am hoping to get out of here soon so we can get some food and figure out what the plan is for tonight. I just want some sleep.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Columbus Circle

Becky is in town and I am tired already. I worked a few hours in the morning and then we hit the streets. Not too far from me, there is a town in Queens called Forest Hills. This is a great little community, there is a ton of money there so it is hard to find parking on a street that is public... But we found some and went into town. They have great shops and pizza places and a Tasti D Lite! We grabbed a couple slices from some places then went into Manhattan. There is an express train there so it makes for a fast commute.

We went just about everywhere. From Times Square to Columbus Circle then through Central Park and the Zoo. After that we made our way down to Rockefeller Center to check out the tree and the magic snowflake building. Back in Queens we got some good spaggetti from my man at Luigi's then went back to my place for dinner and Elf.

I slept like a baby. Today is another day and I think we will be heading into Jersey later for some more pizza!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bryant Park

It was another fun weekend out here on the East Coast. There was another dance in Queens that was kind of a let down, mostly because the Stake President was there in the corner monitoring the social movements of the singles. After the dance I was able to get a few friends back to my apartment and have a sleepover! It was great just haveing people around to talk and laugh with, for a little bit I actually felt like I was back in my old apartment in Utah. I slept for a long time on Saturday to make up for the night before and then went to Manhattan for a few hours.

One downside to my place is that there isn't easy access to the subway so I have to drive a little ways to get near one and then try to find parking. When I was in the city, Cesar and I decided to head to NJ for a sleepover with the same group as Friday. We did that then on Sunday drove to Long Island to attend the singles branch out there. They are a fun group and i think that with a few more visits I might actually want to hang out with them... I am a snob sometimes!

This past week overall has been nice, with Vinny back I was able to get off of work at a decent hour and get some fun in the evenings. I walked over to the mall on night and saw Deja Vu, it was a fun movie, stupid but fun.

This week should be fun and busy. Becky is getting into town tommorrow night and I will be picking her up and then showing her around. juggle that in with work and a budding social life and it will be fun to keep moving. Right now, i am just tired and really can't wait to get home and get some sleep...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Where to start? Firs off, I am now in my own apartment in Queens and I am so happy that I could just sit at home for the next week and not be bored at all!!!

This has been a very fun, busy and stressfull week. On Monday we had an auditor come in to look at some of the commercial accounts that we handle here in the office. He is a nice guy but it gets very tiring putting forward the top game for 3 days straight. I did eat some good food with him though, we did Famous Daves one day for lunch and then had some good mexican food from Cozymels. One day we ate at Applebees but that was because the pizza hut we were going to eat at was infested with roaches so we went accross the street to somewhere safe. I learned a lot of little things that will help make my job a bit easier.

A few nights this past week I met up with some of the Jersey girls to run around the city. This led to some moments where I was led into temptaion to dance and sing "Loosen up my buttons" on the streets of NY and this may have been filmed and posted on myspace accounts of these girls... I really wonder why I do such stupid things but then I realize that I will do just about anything to make a cute girl laugh even if it means throwing my dignity out the window.

The weather here has been very nice this past week and made for some fun trips into the city and to Jersey. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge twice and have ridden a ton of subways and seen some really funny people. On Saturday, I was with Alexis and we both had a good laugh about this man sitting accross from us. It looked like he had purchased some used textbooks and was reading them, the funny part was that he was reading them like they were the funniest things he had ever seen! Thumbing through a high school math book and laughing at it... He is one that I will remember!

David was nice enough to give up his Friday and help me clear out my storage locker and get the last of my junk over here. It took a little longer than I had planned because we were in a commercial vehicle and couldn't drive on certain roads so we had to go the long way to get places. I was able to get him some food from the place I like around the corner from my office so that made it worth it, at least I think it did.

The people that I am renting from are super cool and I look forward getting to know them better. Which brings up an interesting conversation that I have been having a lot lately... Trust. I am not going to start talking deep or anything but I have really been learning that maybe I don't trust people enough, oh well. I doubt that can change, all I am worried about right now is finding a Hello Kitty shower curtain for my bathroom and getting the smoke smell out of the apartment.