Friday, January 11, 2013

My (Grandpa's) Ring

Around 1949 my Grandpa Egbert was a missionary for the LDS Church in the South-western United States.  While in New Mexico, he purchased a turquoise ring that he wore throughout the rest of his life.  He loved his ring.  The rest of the family loved his ring because we all loved Grandpa.  

After Grandpa died, my father became the new owner of the ring.  As my dad does not wear jewelry of any kind, the ring's last few years have been quiet.  On my recent trip to Utah I asked if I could "hold on to the ring for a little while," and my dad said yes.

Now that we are back in NYC I have had some time to think about this new heirloom and what it means in my life.  I emailed my Grandma Egbert asking her about some of the history, and I have been looking through family photos finding images of Grandpa with his ring.  Grandma told me that Grandpa always wore the ring on his right hand, and I came across some neat pictures (you might have to squint to see the ring).

I found a picture of Grandpa holding my uncle David:

One with him holding my dad:

I found another picture of him at his 50th wedding anniversary standing with his brother:

There was a picture of him studying:

And a picture of him with his wife and children:

The ring was with my Grandpa as he raised his children.  This ring was on his hand as he finished his schooling.  This ring was on his hand as he grew into the man we all loved.  

Now the ring is on my hand.  Grandma asked me to treasure the ring as he did, and I will.  This ring will be with me as I raise my children.  This ring will be on my hand as I finish my schooling.  This ring will be on my hand as I attempt to grow into the type of man he taught me to be.