Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tourist Time

We had an amazing adventure today!

We acted tough 

 walked through the woods

 got really close to the George Washington Bridge

 saw the cutest lighthouse 

 admired the beautiful view

 acted a little crazy

 posed for some model shots

waited in a long line for some delicious street vendor food

got tired of waiting in line and went across the street for the same stuff

 raced to see who could eat the fastest

 enjoyed the sights of Midtown

 and ate ice cream!

Now we are tired, but I think that there will be some more playing tomorrow, especially if this weather stays beautiful.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cancer: The Learning Curve

The first surprise that hit me once I received the official cancer diagnosis was the complete lack of order in the healthcare system.

I had thought that cancer was just like any other illness where you go to a doctor, and they tell you how to get better, but it isn't.  When I had surgeries in the past for a hernia then gallbladder, it was a relativity simple fix.  See the doctor.  Doctor sees the problem.  Doctor fixes the problem.  Insurance pays the doctor.  I become healthy.  This translates to: "Oh, you have cancer.  Let me give you a shot.  Go home; you are all better."

However cancer is H-N-L!  "Hole-'Nothah-Level"  There are a lot of doctors.  In fact, in the beginning there were so many doctors that I would just drop my pants when anyone in a white coat walked past me.  I knew they wanted a feel no matter how many times I told them there was a lump on my testicle.  Some doctors were nice, and I thanked them for their gentle touch.  There were some that were not so nice and I limped away with little pride and a lot of pain.

While there were many doctors in the beginning, I am now in a phase where there are very few.  As the doctors specialize into various fields, they become fewer and fewer, and just when I thought I found a good one, the mighty insurance company stepped in for a conversation.  They take a perfect doctor and turn him into one that I might not be able to use.  There are not many Urological Oncologists floating around, and I will hold on to hope that this will all work out.

I suppose this is what all those commercials on TV were talking about when they mention "Coordinated Care." But I am tired of this business crap; I just want my life--a healthy, cancer-free life.

This season of sickness has brought around some really good events: great people have reached out to me to express care and concern. People that I know and admire have walked down this same path, and they prove to me that it does get better on the other side.  I have an amazing wife.  She is constantly caring and loving this grumpy fool as I attempt to navigate this mess.  I am blessed with a son (currently nestled by my side) who inspires me to study harder, dig deeper, and play longer.

I don't even know where to start when it comes to the life lessons I have learned these last few months, but I am very glad to have them.  I am grateful for the pain as it gives me focus; I am grateful for the fear as it gives me hope, and I am grateful for life as it gives me joy.

I love this journey, and I couldn't do it without them.

Friday, April 06, 2012

It's tough to be so cool!

Some people have to work really hard at being cool. For us it just
comes naturally! We spent a few minutes this morning on our stoop
waiting for Kim to show up with the rental car. Once we were packed
and munching on treats, we made our way to Maryland to visit the

It is great getting out of the city. I forgot that people have their
own patches of grass to sit on that are free from poop, cigarettes,
garbage, and sleeping students. Out here in the country you can even
let your kid run more than ten feet away from you; it's awesome.

We are having a great time, and there will be more pictures posted
soon. For now you will just have to be happy with looking at our
combined awesomeness as we prepare to take over the world.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Thanks for being a great son!

Little Man,

I love you.  You are so helpful and patient with me, and I want to tell you that we will be running through the parks again soon.  However, for the next few months I will limp, and you will ride your scooter in circles around me.  You are a lucky boy to have so many people that love you.  Everyone you meet wants to be your friend.  Your smile is contagious, and your laughter is my best medicine.  The last four years have been some of the best in my life, and I know that with you there will be many more great adventures.

ps-stay awesome--forever.