Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Becky sent me a few pictures of Dano and Moo and I think this one is my favorite. I have to admit that I miss those kids like crazy!

Alright, well something has been in the works for some time now and I don't want anyone to worry about me. I quit my job today. My boss is a great guy and he wants to head in a direction that I do not want to follow in. He is being more than kind and giving me a nice package to leave with. I am kind of sad about it because I like the people that I worl with but at the same time, this is the right move right now. I am not sure what to do next but I have been very fortunate in life to have things work out in the end and that is what I am hoping for now. I really don't want to talk about it too much right now so i will leave it it like that.

Other than that, things are great over here. I am more smitten by my fox every day as she slowly lets me into her life. I am a lucky man.

Now I just get to start the job search again but it shouldn't be too bad... At least I hope. Oh and if anyone wants to send some cookies, I always eat them.
Here's my home address for those who don't have it.
7804 76th st
Glendale NY 11385

Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a good looking group!

From left to right we have Amber, Camille, myself, Josh and Hailee. They are a great group to hang out with and I love these girls... At least I loved them until they stole all my Hello Kitty items from my apartment on Sunday. I have to be proud because they did it right under my nose but still, they took all my Hello Kitty! I came home from church in Manhattan with them and my apartment just felt empty. They all came over late Saturday night for a sleep-over and we had a great time. Of course now they are in hot water and it will take some serious cooking for me to like them again.

I have to say that this was a great week and weekend, on Friday we met up with the NY singles group and played at this place up in Times Square called Dave and Busters. It is a fun arcade and they have food and all sorts of things to do, and it's free which in the city is hard to come by. After that we went to a diner and hung out for a couple hours just enjoying some fun conversation and I pigged out on fries and onion rings. David even made it out for the night and he crashed at my place friday night which was great because he was able to help me move some storage for a friend of ours Saturday morning. Nothing like a little service for a little pick-me-up!

The only thing that I can't get out of my mind is this girl that I am chasing... I have to admit that she is one clever fox. I know what I want to do about the whole thing but I am holding back for the time being out of respect for some other people. It really is driving me insane but the best I can hope for is to let time work things out. Part of me would love to be the caveman and beat my chest and show her what I have to offer and the smarter side of me says that it is best to hold back a little and let her figure things out on her own. One thing I know is that she is worth every second of pursuit. Now if only I could focus on anything other than her for 30 seconds my life would be much easier. Drama.

This week should be another fun one. My friends Joni and Kathy come into town Thursday and we will be running around like crazy people trying to see everything before they go home on Monday. I am glad to have more people come out because moving out here has really changed my life in a positive way and I want people back in Utah to see that.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A really bad haircut

Alright, I don't think that I have complained too much since I have moved out here. I have accepted the changes as they come and make the best of them but this, this has gone on too far! I can not get a decent haircut in this city!!! Every-time I have the need for a trim I try a new place just hoping that they will be a little better than the last but all I find are more idiots with razors.

Anyhow... I am over it. Really though, I just miss my Armenian barber in Utah. Greg knew how to do it just right. In a couple weeks it will be grown out enough to be bearable... I guess this is what happens when a person prays for some humility...

Now I am really over it. As far as life goes out here, this past week has been a blast. There hasn't been too much time for sleep but that just makes everything more enjoyable. I don't think that I am getting too old for sleep-overs, at least I hope I'm not.

David has had an injury the last few weeks so he has been coming to the Morristown class with Frank and I and that makes the night much more fun. There is nothing quite as funny as when David is able to throw out a great insult to someone in class who is a little too assuming. We just got back from eating at Cosimo's. The big boss hooked us up with some good meatballs. I have never been a big fan but these were really good. That place has to be my favorite pizza too.... Listen to me. All I talk about is pizza! Some things never change.

Monday, January 22, 2007


So there isn't a picture today or much to write right now considering my brain is not working. Just want to say that I had the best night that I have had in a very very long time. Not super exciting, or way cool just the best night. I may be foolish but one thing I know is that people of great value are hard to find and when they come along, we need to absorb every second. I know this sounds vauge but once I can see straight I will explain everything. It's going to be a very good day!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's Hailee and Amber sleeping away Sunday morning. They slept over on Saturday night and I drug them with me to the singles ward up in Inwood... Mostly I went there to see a certain female but I only had a couple minutes with her so I am really kicking myself. I hate to admit it but I am smitten. I hate when this happens to me to because I turn into such an idiot. I know that I can play the part without any problems but that is always just for fun, now I can't help it. Oh well, it was good to have some female support though so I had some feedback on how stupid I looked.

I did have a great weekend though. It involved sleeping and dancing and eating. What could be more fun? Friday night there was another dance here in Queens and afterwards a group of us went into Manhattan for some food. I got a giant cookie that was freshly baked topped with ice cream, it was very good. After in the street they talked me into doing my Buttons dance and I did it. I felt ashamed but that is a daily occurance with me. I got home around 4 Saturday morning and spent most of the morning and afternoon in a strange haze that I didn't snap out of until I made plans to meet up with this girl in the city. Nothing like a strong case of the butterflies to get me out of the house and putting on the fancy clothes.

Work is going well and I love my apartment. I can really say that right now my life is starting to show some fruits from the last 6 months of my labors. I can relax and really enjoy some quality time with great people. It is strange to think that if I had not moved out here that I would not have met the people in my life. To some extent I miss Utah and everyone there but now this is my life and I couldn't imagine not being here and really having great people to spend time with. Not that I want to sound too preachy but I feel truly blessed. I must be getting sick to start feeling this emotional but it's just the way I feel.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Big snowflake

I have come to realize that most every picture up on this blog is of me or has me in it. I guess I don't need to justify my vanity seeing how this is my own blog and I am the only one who reads this anyway... Not really but i suppose this could be considered a journal of some kind except that I don't put any of the secret stuff in here, I have to keep mom proud.

Life has been great out here. Work has it's hurdles but I am not working 12 hour days any more and I am able to get out of the office and get the audits done so it just feels good to be outside. The weather here has been amazing. We had 70 degrees in the city on Saturday. I slept most of the morning and then got on a train for Manhattan jsut to get some air and stretch my legs. That sounds funny now that I have said I went to Manhattan to get some air... i have been here too long already.

On Sunday I attended a different singles ward and found them to be friendly and fun. This was the Inwood ward and they meet up in Spanish Harlem, not the greatest neighborhood but a good place all the same. Right when I walked through the door someone introduced themselves to me and said he was Josh, the bishop! That cracked me up. I liked that he was so unassuming to just be himself first and realize that being a bishop is more than a title. They had a break the fast pot luck after church as well so I hung around for that and spent time making a few more friends.

Last night we had FHE for the singles in my branch at my friend Lisa's house. It was great even though i was the youngest one and the oldest was in his 50's. I really liked hanging out with them and we laughed our heads off. My gut still hurts from all the laughing last night. We played Balderdash and there were some very very funny answers.

Other than that, I have just been enjoying the quiet moments. I have some friends coming out this month and some more next month so it will be great to have the company and see some sights.