Thursday, January 29, 2015

How About Today?

This is a perfect day to start posting on this blog (again).  For the last couple of years I wanted to write about a lot of things:

I wanted to write about my classmates at Columbia and what it was like to bond with such a diverse student body (they were an amazing group of scholars to work with).

I wanted to write about my graduation ceremony and finally getting a BA in Religion (it was incredible to finally finish).

I wanted to pontificate about all that I learned and sum up my studies by giving my personal definition of religion (Religion is the language used between people to communicate the sacred).

I wanted to share our adventures of moving to Harlem and running around NYC (it has been fantastic).

I wanted to record my frustrations and disappointments regarding my never-ending job search (it really sucks but I keep hoping it will pay off).

I wanted to talk about how incredibly happy we are as a family (because we are incredibly happy).

I wanted to share all these things with my friends and family that read this blog, but I didn't.

So here is another attempt to type out the justification of my existence (with a little help from Auto Awesome).

Over the last couple years we:

Played all over the city

Spent time in Utah and Maryland

Were sealed in the Draper Temple

Played with kittens

Found new places to kick back and enjoy life

Became rock stars

Oh, and I got a Cookie Monster book for Christmas!