Monday, March 24, 2008

What an amazing weekend

He is here! My new best friend came into this world Easter morning at 1:11 after 3 days of heroic labor by my amazing ninja wife . I know that every parent thinks that their child is special but I know that mine is the best! I had the great chance to be the first one to hold him since I am the one who got to catch him and I knew right away that this kid is awesome. There really isn't much else to say other than I am so elated to have this guy in our family and I am so glad to everyone who has been so helpful in getting him here.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Love and Marriage

made an interesting comment yesterday, she mentioned how odd it seemed that couples who had been married for 30 or 40 years could still be in love with the person that they married. It struck a chord with me and made me think about the reasons I fell in love with her and the things that make me smile when I think of her.

When we first met I was amazed to meet a strong intelligent woman who was able to take charge and lead the way when no other person stepped up to the challenge. We were at a singles activity and she not only organized it but also taught the lesson, did the cooking and cleaned it all up and at the same time was doing her part to befriend new members in the area. I was impressed.

She is a great dancer. I have never been any good at it but I dance to have fun and can pick up a few steps but when she dances, there is a glow that she has because she is doing something that she really loves and is very talented at. I enjoyed watching her dance with the other Latino men at the dances and seeing her really get into the rhythm of the music.

No one can ever say that does not speak her mind. It seems at times that it would be nice if she had a filter but the only way for a guy like me to get the message is to be as blunt and cruel as possible.

The most important thing for me was her ability to mingle with all walks of life. In my upbringing I was taught to appreciate people and the array of talents that each one had. My wife was able to chill with the Princeton crowd and laugh with the working folks.

Now I realize that there are even more reasons for me to love her. As I am sitting here in the living room I can see the clothes that she wore yesterday spread throughout the room. No matter how fast I clean, she is able to disrobe even quicker. At first I went crazy always picking up after her but now it has become something that I really enjoy. I just know that when I want to sit on the couch I have to move her pants and jacket and sometimes her earrings.

I think that my favorite is how she can take up most of the bed and covers and still complain when I try to roll over in the night or get something to cover myself.

She has compiled enough information on birth and care provider practices to write a book of her own and while it may seem a bit obsessive to some people and even to me at times, I know that she does it to give our baby the best start to life possible.

I am excited to see this little guy that she has been carrying around these last months. I wonder what he will grow up to be and what will make him laugh. I think about who his friends will be and how he will treat other people.

Our marriage has been a lot of work, we spend a lot of time discussing what each of us need to keep going but I like to think that we have grown into better people with the other helping out, at least I know I have.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Getting Closer...

I might get in trouble for posting this picture that took at Christmas but I don't mind. Doesn't my wife look so cute ??!! It is great knowing that the big day is just couple of months away and then we will have a little baby boy in our family. We have been busy working with Hypnobabies and learning the skills needed to have a natural pain-free birthing experience. I really enjoy learning about how the entire process can be made to be a positive experience for Mom and baby.