Sunday, April 03, 2011

Looking Again

We went to the Central Park Zoo last March during my Spring Break at school, and I took this picture. For some reason I like it. I might like it because the Snow Leopard is so close to the window yet lost somewhere in private thoughts. I might like it because my son is in it, and I think that he is the greatest kid to ever walk the planet. I might like this photo because as I was taking it, an older gentleman kept blocking my shot because he wanted to get a picture of his own (he is the red blur on the right). This man was also getting agitated by other children who wanted to see the leopard up close and disturb his photo session, and that is when a small gem of universal truth hit me-- don't get caught up in finding perfection, just enjoy the moment.

So I took the photo, and we continued our exploration of the zoo. Looking at this photo again, I understand the lesson I learned. My son isn't looking at this animal searching for some fault that he can criticize; he is enjoying the moment of seeing a beautiful creature in an intimate setting. I still see that red sleeve in the photo and want to get upset with the grumpy man, but I simply shift my focus, and the blemishes disappear.  If I spend too much time looking at what I don't like, I will never enjoy the parts that bring me happiness.

I won't always remember this lesson in my daily journey of life, but I try to look at everything twice in hopes of seeing more beauty, wonder, amazement, love, friendship, potential, and divine worth.  While I may want to get angry or upset because someone or something hinders my progression, I reevaluate the situation, change my focus, and enjoy the moment.

Slow down and enjoy the ride-- there is a lot to love in this world.