Saturday, February 04, 2012


This is Toby:

Toby is a good dog.  We adopted him from a shelter in Syosset, and he is now part of our family.  There are many things that we do not know about Toby.  We do not know his birthday, his age, why someone left him tied to a tree, what his previous family was like, and why he loves other dogs so darn much.  However, there are many things that we do know.  We know that he is very sweet, he loves to eat all his food in under 30 seconds, he loves the dog park, he likes balls, and he will always have a home with us.

We also know that Toby loves his big/little brother.

They like to tease each other.  When Toby is asleep, Little Man will shout "TOBY!" to wake him up and then run away.  When Gabriel is asleep, Toby will bark and try to pull his pillow away from him.  They will chase each other around the house, and it is impossible for Little Man to walk past Toby without getting kissed or pressed against the wall in a big Rottweiler hug.

We love our Toby.