Sunday, March 25, 2007


Alright, so I know that it has been a very long time since I have typed up any new information about life here in NYC and I am very sorry for that.

Let's start with the picture. This is Megan in the front with me and her sister Merideth is in the back. They came out a couple of weeks ago and had a fun time here in New York. I have to admit that I like having the company here with me ad it is fun to have some people to cook for. and I took them to our favorite spot for hot chocolate, Max Brener's. I really really love that place and need to figure out how to make it like they do so I can move to Utah and make a ton of money with the stuff.

We have a marrige license. I don't have a job yet but at least we have the license. It wasn't too painful because when I got really bored, let me type morse code on her nose. I had to stop making the beeping sound but at least she let me type away to pass the time. There is nothing like City Hall here in Queens... No one understands anything but they want you to pay lose attention and not have your cell phones on.

As far as wedding planning goes, we are plugging away at it. Actually I should say that she is plugging away at it, I try to get involved but I have the attention span of a turkey sandwich. I am good a getting take out food and driving although my driving involves a lot of horn honking and yelling at people that can't hear me.

Other than that I have to be honest and say that my life is pretty great! I have good friends, family and an incredible woman that wants to be my wife. I never thought that life could work so well in my favor.