Monday, March 05, 2007

One box at a time

Since we will both be having jobs in the near future we decided to get some of the heavier things moved now while there is plenty of time. I got David this morning and we went to apartment to get some furniture loaded up in my truck. After we did some moving we went to a Columbian place for lunch in Jersey that I really like. The food is good but my favorite part is that it is cheap!
My dad and stepmom along with the royals are flying into the city this coming Wednesday and it will be fun to have them around and meet this awesome woman in my life. I think that Katie and Tayson will have a lot of fun and I plan on feeding them a lot of pizza. We will see how many different places we can get pizza at in just a few days. We will take them to get some hot chocolate as well. Mmmmmmmm, it has been a few weeks since I have gotten some and I am feeling the urge to get some more.
Working with the young men is going well. They are good kids and other than being teens, there isn't much bad about them. I do a lot of driving and that is getting a little annoying but that is what it takes to get everyone together out here. I even did some pushups with them.... That is a sign that I like them, I don't do pushups for anyone including myself!