Friday, July 01, 2011

Fifteen Dollars Worth of Fun

The boy and I had a great morning in the city.  After stretching our legs here in Morningside Heights, we jumped on a bus and went to the American Folk Art Museum.  We got in for free with my student id and looked at some really cool quilts.  Seeing the different patterns and feeling the amount of dedication put into each one inspired me to learn the craft.  It might be some time before I can have the space and energy to learn quilting, but I think that it would be a great hobby.

We ate lunch at the Halal cart right across from the museum and got a platter full of chicken and rice for six dollars.  We shared the platter right while enjoying the hordes of people milling around 6th avenue on their lunch breaks.  After a small walk up to Central Park, we shared a Cherry Garcia ice cream bar for only four bucks.  As I type this I realize that for those outside of NYC it may seem like an expensive treat, but for us, it was cheap and tasty.  We ate the ice cream near the carousel and then took a ride afterwards for five dollars. It was a blast!

After that Little Man was showing signs of needing a nap, so we hopped on the bus and enjoyed some cold air on the ride back up to the neighborhood.  

Not a bad start to our fourth of July weekend.