Friday, August 12, 2011

My Summer Vacation

For a number of reasons, I completed two courses at Columbia this Summer.  I took an Art Humanities class, and I thought it was great!  For six weeks I would trek up to campus and sit with a lively group of my peers to discuss great works like the Parthenon along with artists like Rembrandt and Pollock.  The classes were long as we met twice a week for three hours each session, but I really enjoyed them, and I made some great friends.

Summer continued, and so did my semester.  The second six week course consisted of Elementary French Level 2.  I thought that this would be a proverbial walk in the park; I was wrong.  Meeting four nights a week for two hours each evening, I quickly discovered that I was in over my head.  While we had many fun and engaging moments of teasing the professor about French culture, we had many more moments of looking at each other in total confusion.  I made some great friends (which is what I love about my school; just about everyone is awesome!) and I learned a little French, but I am very glad that the class is now over.

I suppose my Summer vacation starts now.  I have one week left of work, and then the boy and I are heading to Utah to visit with family, and I am most excited for this trip.  I have a lot of plans.  I want to see my grandparents and listen to their stories.  I want to see my niece and nephews and chase them around the yard.  I want to eat at Cancun Cafe with my mom.  I want to see the many friends that have been so supportive of me.  I want to spend a lot of time with a certain girl.

Yes, a lot of time.

You see, I am completely twitterpated and captivated by a really cute girl.

So as I count down these last few days until I can have a real vacation, I am grateful for new friends, old friends, family, food, and new love.  Life continues to smile upon me, and I love it!