Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Busy Day

This is Central Park:
This was our path through the jungle.  We had a fabulous adventure meandering the middle of Manhattan.

1: Columbus Circle
One of my favorite places to chill in the city and enjoy a Jamba juice.

2: Hecksher Playground
Gabe jumped the fence and ran straight to the tire swing.  

I'm certain he was running away from Kim in this one.

We like cute, cheesy pictures together.

3: The Carousal
For only $2.50, this is one of the best deals in Manhattan.

4: The Mall
I love this place, and I never come here enough.

The benefit of being small, you can fit inside a bubble.

I love Bethesda fountain, and I really wanted to rent a boat on the lake, but that was out of our budget... maybe next time.

Kim was happy to see the sweaty men dancing and flipping.

5: The Obelisk 
Another favorite!  I remember reading about this in the sixth grade and how the acid rain has destroyed parts of the face.  I was scared of rain for years.

This is us being cool

6: The Reservoir
Scary faces

It started raining on the walk, but we were prepared.

7: Bridge #23
He is just so cute!

8: Tarr Family Playground:
This one is at 110th street and Central Park West.

Can you tell he had fun?

These two are hard to drag away from any playground.

All in all, it was a very good day.  We are tired from the walking, but the jalapeno pickles we bought at the Farmer's Market gave us enough kick to walk the final blocks home.