Sunday, February 22, 2015

NYC: Bears!

Last week we went to the zoo.  Not the big, fancy, over-priced one in the Bronx, we went to the small, fancy, over-priced one in Central Park (yes, there really is a zoo in Central Park).  We have been several times, and it is always a fun place to explore.  What made this visit extraordinary was the new addition--Grizzly Bears!!!

I really like bears.  A lot.  I know a ton of things about bears: they are big, they eat honey, they like to cuddle, they all want to be my friend.  The two bears are older ladies named Betty and Veronica!  How awesome is that?

We saw some other animals.  Seals, birds, monkeys, snow leopards, and various reptiles were all on display.  Of course my favorite thing is just hanging out with the family (and the bears).

Zoo Crew Making the Rounds