Saturday, September 23, 2006

NYC's best italian....

Alright, well I am happy to say that I am back from Georgia. The classes that I were attneding were basicly a review of serving a mission. How to resolve personality conflicts... Giving praise... Teambuilding... Setting goals... Motivating... There were a couple things that I found useful and those were interviewing techniques. I had no idea so much went into a proper interview. Mostly I learned what not to say that would lead to any legal conflicts regarding discrimination.

I got back Friday night and ran straight over to NJ for an institute class, it was long but the teachers are good people so I want to support them. Saturday was a blast. I woke up early just so I could check in here at the office and see how much work would have to get done and what I could sort through quickly. i then met up with some girls from Jersey for lunch at The Olive Garden in Times Square.... Really, don't even ask. If the girls want olive garden, give them olive garden. I don't get it especially because there was a huge street fair on 7th ave from times square all the way up to central park. They had every sorts of meat and bbq and veggies smoothies candies and treats, but we had eaten our overpriced salad and pasta. Enough said.

We walked up to central park and met up with some more people on our way to Belvadere Castle. It's a cool plce to visit and it gives a nice quiet view of the park so we hung out there for awhile. Dinner time came and a few of us that were staying longer found a diner across from Madison Square Garden that was decent and stayed there for a bit until a couple more people showed up from Jersey. Then we spent the rest of the night making our way downtown and over to the Brooklyn Bridge. I really enjoy speding time there and I am not sure why. It's just a relaxing venue to spend some time with friends I guess.

I am happy to be social again after spending all week with a bunch of old men who all have an opinion on everything. Of course, there is quite a bit of work for me to catch up on but that should make the days go a little faster.