Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here is a picture of the new nephew. From what I have heard, he is doing well but he still needs a few more days in the thingy before they will let him go home. No one has really gotten a chance to hold him yet so I am not too jealous. He is really just like Dano as a newborn, it cracks me up.

I do have a ticket for a visit to Utah. I finally decided the other day that if I kept putting it off I would ever be going so i got a flight in October. I am making it a long weekend so I won't miss too much work in a row. I get in the morning of the 19th and take of the afternoon of the 24th. Really short so I am in the middle of making plans to see the most people in the shortest time. There is a YSA activity that weekend so I will attend that and between a pizza party and dinner with family I will have plenty of time to spend with Dano and Moo.

Sunday night, I had a chance to hang out with some of the other people in the branch I am attending and I am glad to say that they are cool fun people to spen time with. Of course I also drove to NJ that night too, had I known that the people here were going to as cool as they were, I would have dropped NJ like an ugly baby... Making new friends is a lot like dating, you just have to let some time go by to see if it is a match, or my way is just call everyone crazy and spend a lot of time alone riding a motorcycle.

Work is great other than one bonehead. He is older and has been used to not having any supervision. So now I have this 60 year old man questioning everything I say. Lucky for me I have the termite experience so everytime he tries to tell me why something won't work I can explain how it can. I really don't mind an argument every morning but it is starting to take up the time I need to spend with the other guys. Sooner or later he will fall in line, if not..... At least my office is comfortable now, I have a bunch of pictures around and could always use some more but I really like it and so does everyone who steps in.

I tried another pizza place down the street and it was crap. Enough said. Around the corner from there and within walking distance of my office, I found a decent gym i can workout in. A 1 month membership is 35 dollars but if I buy for the year it goes to 200! A lot cheaper than golds or ballys. It is small but has everything that I will need to use plus, I can get there easy for a mid-day workout and just stay longer at the office that day to make up for the time. I really need to get this moving weight off, I have been lazy for too long to be comfortable.