Saturday, September 09, 2006

A wedding in Jersey

These were taken at Grant and Lisa's wedding back in August. The first is of David giving a toast to the new couple and he did a great job of it by keeping everyone laughing. The next has me in it so of course I like it... It has mom and dad ortiz in it as well so I might as well let everyone else get to know them. The wedding was great and even had some fun dancing going on.

Other than a lot of work, not too much has been happening here. I went up to Albany a few days ago for a meeting with some other Orkin managers so we could learn some more about the DEC regulations. I am so used to the Dept. of Ag. in Utah being laid back that this was a shock to see how many regulations there are in the pest control business. I guess it is a good thing but when there is a big company like Orkin, there are bound to be a few employees that make it hard for the entire company. There really weren't any major violations just a bunch of small things. It is always best to be on the good side of the regulators so we will keep up the work.

I did make a few contacts from Western, a sister company to Orkin. They were cool guys from NY and NJ. I will have to drop by their offices sometime just to keep in touch, connections are a must in this business. I have already had a friend from Jersey asking about employment and I was able to point him to the right people, hopefully things work well for him.

I bought a ticket to Utah yesterday. I figured that I just had to do it, the more I delayed, the more the ticket would cost. i will be back from October 19th to the 24th. Just a quick trip to say hi. Mostly I want to see Dano and Moo and the new one.... I just miss them a ton. I am not sure if i will make it back for Christmas just because of work and it would be easier to take a week off in January or February. We will see how things go.

I am off to Jersey for the day in a few minutes. It is fun just hanging out with Davd and acting like an idiot, of course I don't have to act too hard.