Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A work in progress

This is my office. Not much to look at but you should have seen it before. It was the file room and had been flooded out so the carpet was old and rusty from the cabinets. There was a musty smell in the whole place and it was dingy. I got to work by clearing everything out and pulling up the carpet. Then I had to chip up all the tiles that were glued down to the floor. Next came glueing down some carpet of my own and getting some odds and ends for furniture until my real desk and chair arrive. I put up my license plate picture and my Dale Murphy stickball poster and once my tackboard arrives, I will get some more pictures of the family up as well. I am proud of it. Of course, the phone and computer are not hooked up yet so whenever I get a call I have to run out of my office to the nearest available phone but at least that will count as some excercise.

Speaking of working out, I went into Jersey esterday and spent the day with David. We started off with some weights at his place. Then did some manly work at his brother and sister-in-law's condo and got fed. We went back to his house to chill a little bit before going to a ward bbq. I gave him a refresher course on riding a motorcycle and even let him get some practice time in on driving a clutch. All in all it was a very nice Labor day. I even got to see Sister Ortiz, my mom here in the east and she told me that I spend too much time talking. I have no idea what she is refering to..... It was fun driving home last night because there were some fireworks going off at Coney Island so as I was getting off the Verrazanno bridge and driving across the belt parkway I could see them going off behind all the huge tankers out on the water. It was a really pretty sight.

I have had a few leads on apartments. Just as I am getting settled into my place, the mailman here told me he has a friend that is renting out a 1 bedroom apartment for a very nice price. I will take a look but I really just want to relax for a couple more months before moving again. That is just the lazy man talking. I will take a look at it and see what he has to offer. If it is worth taking, I will just have to take it.

Things I really miss right now: A new baby nephew, cold summer nights, mountains, home cooked meals. Other than that I still love the city and am especially glad to have gotten a package from Becky and my Mom today. I got pictures and some goodies, not to mention some bday money as well.... pizza time.

Well, i am going home and getting to bed. This job is getting to me. I stayed up last night stressing everything that had to get done today and now that it is done I can look forward to tomorrow. Sort of.