Thursday, September 28, 2006

A view from my balcony

So here is a pic as the sunset last night. I really like where my apartment is at, being in Howard Beach makes for an easy commute. I would have shown some pictures from inside but it isn't too clean and I don't want to brag about a dirty apartment, besides it is just temporary anyway.

It has been a busy week with work and I haven't gotten a chance to see anything that fun. I did go into Jersy a couple times and had dinner with the Ellis family on Tuesday but then David was off to judo so I dropped in on the Ortiz family for a couple hours.

With it being conference weekend, I am not sure what my plans will be. I do have a couple audits I am doing tomorrow morning way out at the end of Long Island, not the tip but pretty close. It will be nice just to see what life is like out there, from what I hear it is a bunch of rednecks and millionaires.