Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Big snowflake

I have come to realize that most every picture up on this blog is of me or has me in it. I guess I don't need to justify my vanity seeing how this is my own blog and I am the only one who reads this anyway... Not really but i suppose this could be considered a journal of some kind except that I don't put any of the secret stuff in here, I have to keep mom proud.

Life has been great out here. Work has it's hurdles but I am not working 12 hour days any more and I am able to get out of the office and get the audits done so it just feels good to be outside. The weather here has been amazing. We had 70 degrees in the city on Saturday. I slept most of the morning and then got on a train for Manhattan jsut to get some air and stretch my legs. That sounds funny now that I have said I went to Manhattan to get some air... i have been here too long already.

On Sunday I attended a different singles ward and found them to be friendly and fun. This was the Inwood ward and they meet up in Spanish Harlem, not the greatest neighborhood but a good place all the same. Right when I walked through the door someone introduced themselves to me and said he was Josh, the bishop! That cracked me up. I liked that he was so unassuming to just be himself first and realize that being a bishop is more than a title. They had a break the fast pot luck after church as well so I hung around for that and spent time making a few more friends.

Last night we had FHE for the singles in my branch at my friend Lisa's house. It was great even though i was the youngest one and the oldest was in his 50's. I really liked hanging out with them and we laughed our heads off. My gut still hurts from all the laughing last night. We played Balderdash and there were some very very funny answers.

Other than that, I have just been enjoying the quiet moments. I have some friends coming out this month and some more next month so it will be great to have the company and see some sights.