Monday, January 15, 2007


Here's Hailee and Amber sleeping away Sunday morning. They slept over on Saturday night and I drug them with me to the singles ward up in Inwood... Mostly I went there to see a certain female but I only had a couple minutes with her so I am really kicking myself. I hate to admit it but I am smitten. I hate when this happens to me to because I turn into such an idiot. I know that I can play the part without any problems but that is always just for fun, now I can't help it. Oh well, it was good to have some female support though so I had some feedback on how stupid I looked.

I did have a great weekend though. It involved sleeping and dancing and eating. What could be more fun? Friday night there was another dance here in Queens and afterwards a group of us went into Manhattan for some food. I got a giant cookie that was freshly baked topped with ice cream, it was very good. After in the street they talked me into doing my Buttons dance and I did it. I felt ashamed but that is a daily occurance with me. I got home around 4 Saturday morning and spent most of the morning and afternoon in a strange haze that I didn't snap out of until I made plans to meet up with this girl in the city. Nothing like a strong case of the butterflies to get me out of the house and putting on the fancy clothes.

Work is going well and I love my apartment. I can really say that right now my life is starting to show some fruits from the last 6 months of my labors. I can relax and really enjoy some quality time with great people. It is strange to think that if I had not moved out here that I would not have met the people in my life. To some extent I miss Utah and everyone there but now this is my life and I couldn't imagine not being here and really having great people to spend time with. Not that I want to sound too preachy but I feel truly blessed. I must be getting sick to start feeling this emotional but it's just the way I feel.