Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dancin' fools

Here is a picture from the dance here in Queens Friday night. I was happy to see my Jersey friends show up even though I was pretty much out of energy the whole night. I have to admit that even though i was tired, it was a very fun dance. The DJ kept things going and going and had a ton of good songs to keep the floor moving. I even met Erica... She is the girl between David and I and she is not only cute but nice!! Which as we all know is a hard combo to find here in NY. Of course, she is from brazil and lives in Jersey so i guess that explains it. David did have an interesting night driving everyone over and back home but that is his story to share and for me to laugh at. Once I am in my apartment, I can have everyone sleep over so they don't have to drive home too late, especially through Brooklyn.

Saturday I worked a few hours in the morning here in the office and hated every second of it. There is something about office work that I really hate. I got out and met up with a couple girls in Manhattan and did a little of everything. We went through Chinatown the shipyard the financial district, across canal street(where I bought a watch I really will never wear just because I talked the guy down to a price I thought he would never go for) Then we went up to central park and hung out there just to get some energy back. I did have a ny moment though because there was a man selling poems. After listening to his story I decided that it would be worth helping him out. He goes by Willie G., the poet of NY. He was homeless but now lives in a mens shelter and by day he writes poems and then sells them. They are not the greatest prose ever written but if and when i see him again, I will buy a few more.

I went to bed early last night and watched a little of Sleepless in Seattle... I am a nerd but it is a cute movie. I am not sure what is happening today yet. I am giving a talk in church later but with the weather staying like this i might ditch the rest and head back into the city for another afternoon in the park.