Monday, October 02, 2006

A quick hello

I can say that this was the best weekend that I have had since moving to NYC. Apart from finding the Rotel tomatoes, I had a great time running around and seeing some family.

Saturday, I worked a few hours in the morning by driving out to Riverhead which is out on Long Island and I was able to go early enough to not have to deal with any traffic. For the afternoon, I met up with my friend Shawnee and ran around manhattan with her. Mostly being the nice man and waiting while she did some shopping. We had some good thai food for lunch at Yum Thai Food. Catchy name. It was in Midtown, then we made our way down to Canal street and worked through the crowds and vendors to reach Chinatown. We ended up down on broadway by battery park to get a picture with the bull but it was pretty crowded there so we sat at a park for a while and just hung out in NYC. That has to be my favorte thing to do here. With all the parks they have, it's hard to choose just one.

Sunday, I was getting ready to head into NJ for the afternoon and I got a call from my parent's, they had a few hours with a layover at JFK so I ran over and picked them up. I showed them my apartment and office then took them for a drive around Queens. I think that my driving style scared them a little but hey, it's New York. I even got a couple souveniers from their trip to Europe, lucky me. I got them back to the airport and made my way to Jersey. i stopped in on the Ellis family for a little bit then went to the Ortiz's. Lucky for me Liz was there and David and I were able to ruffle her feathers a little. i really enjoy acting like a 12 year old kid. I guess because it comes so naturally.

Work today is a killer but it will be over soon enough. it is just tough to get back to work after having such a good weekend. This week shouldn't be too bad, I just need to think of something to look forward to.... Maybe more dip.