Thursday, October 05, 2006

Morning in Manhattan

This morning, I met up with one of my technicians to do an audit of his work. The appointment was on 71st street between Lexington and 3rd ave. It's a nice part of the city and I got lucky and found an open parking spot right near the building. Too bad for Orkin, by the time we finished up I had recieved a parking ticket for not moving before the sweepers came in.

The last few days have been crazy but I am getting used to it. Now after work i go home and eat some dinner than fall asleep. It feels nice to get caught up on all my rest.

Two words.... Sausage Bread!! I had never heard of the stuff before but it is the best thing next to pizza and mexican food. Its a loaf of bread stuffed with sausage peperoni and ham. The bread is really soft too and taste like a crescent. I loved it, good bread and meat... I need to find some more places that sell it, I got this stuff from a place down the street from the office so there are bound to be better Italian bakeries somewhere that will have it.

No big plans for me other than running around the city again this Saturday and I am thinking that I want to see the central park zoo. Just counting the days until I get back to Utah for a visit and to see those kids.