Monday, October 09, 2006

Long overdue

Considering for the last few days I have been a total slob and done nothing but lay in bed wearing my cowboy pjs and watching episodes of NYPD Blue, I started a gym membership. I went to the one around the corner from my office and I got it for one month just to see how I would like it. They don't have everything that I am used to but the have some good cardio equipment and that is the most important for me. I startd with some weights just to get loosened up again and then got on an eliptical for about 30 minutes. I am used to doing 45 to an hour but since it has been a long time 30 minutes was enough to kick my butt. It feels good though and I am hoping that I can get back to going 6 days a week just to cut a few more pounds. On the scale I was still under 285 but that mostly means that i ahve lost some muscle mass. I will check will David to get his agreement. Long story made short, it's time to stop being lazy.

I was given a church talk assignment last Sunday for the 15th, it should be fun. I like how they do it in this branch. A guy walks around church handing out letters. We read the letters and confirm our availability. It kind of feels like Mission Impossible so I feel all stealth. I am thinking that I won't sit on the stand but hide somewhere until it is my turn then drop from the ceiling or something.

I also checked out an apartment that is looking very promising. It is in Glendale which is a nice quiet neighborhood. It is not the greatest place but it is a good size and they only want 850 a month. They are keeping it cheap so that they can get someone that they like and trust to live there. It should be available in about 1 month then I can move in and start getting furniture and having some friends over for movie nights. It will be fun to have a social pad again.