Monday, October 30, 2006

He's single

Here's David!!! I had a fun weekend and I can thank David for that. There was a singles dance Saturday night in the Caldwell stake and he was a hit with a few of the ladies. I really don't know how he pulls it off but he does and that is all that matters. After the dance, we found a diner where we just ate for awhile and talked until 1 or so in the morning. I can't get too specific on the time because it was the end of daylight savings and there is the whole spring ahead fall back thing to figure out and that just gets too complicated.

On my way out to Jersey, I drove through canal street to pick up a couple more watches. I was driving down the street until I saw a guy standing alone with bulging pockets. As soon as I went 4 steps on the street I had another guy ask me if I wanted a watch! I love that place. I haggled for about 20 minutes until I got a couple good watches at a good price. By the time I was done, there were a couple of tourists watching the whole thing and wanting to learn the art of yelling. One guy wanted to know if it was real and I told him most likely not but for 20 bucks, who cares!

Yesterday, I decided to go to a singles branch that I had heard about out on long island. Yesterday was also the day the singles branch decided to go to DC! There were about 10 people there so I stayed for sacrament but took off right after, the people that were there seemed really nice so I will give it a try in a couple weeks. Of course, I am still heading to Jersey a lot but I figure that even though these people are far away at least they are in NY.

I am excited for Tuesday, that is when we are heading to see Wicked. There will be a lot going on with work this week so i am hoping that I will be able to get out of work early enough to get into the city. Of course, every week there is a lot going on with work... there is always something that pops up and makes me wonder why i left Utah in the first place but the wierd thing is that I am really glad i amde the move out here, go figure.