Wednesday, October 25, 2006


What a weekend! Time went by too fast and there were far too many people to see to get it all in just a few days. Long story made short, I saw friends family and ate a lot of food. I got a chance to catch up with Nick Saturday morning and just like old times, he slept in and I had to pound on his window and call his house a few times to wake him up. I can't tease him too much about it because I still have a hard time waking up.

Do I miss Utah? Yes. Am I glad to be back in New York? Yes. Going back was great just to see people and enjoy some good compnay. It also reminded me of how clean the state is and how little traffic is on the roads. I forgot that there isn't a stop light on every corner and it doesn't take an hour to go a few miles. Of course I am glad to be abck home here in Queens; loud neighbors, traffic at 6:20 this morning, working with the team here at Orkin... Now it is just a matter of getting all my Utah friends to come out here and see my new way of life.

What am I missing most about Utah? Daniel, Amelia and Samuel. those are some cute kids and I am glad that they haven't completely forgotten me. The singles scene is much more active in Utah but that goes without saying. While home, I recieved a tip about some fun singles out on Long Island so i am thinking about giving it a try. All in all, it was a great time and I am very very tired and want to go to sleep early tonight just so I can start to catch up from my social marathon last week.