Thursday, December 21, 2006

PC in NYC!

I got to do a little bit of off road driving yesterday in Brooklyn. We set up 36 rat boxes around a vacant lot that is about to undergo some work. Since this is a big overgrown space and everyone is concerned about rodent migrating to the surrounding areas we were called to set up a defense system. That is the proper way of saying it, I just had fun driving my truck through the hills and grass all over this place. I will admit though that it was in a scary part of town that I wouldn't want to be in late at night, actually i don't want to be there anytime. It was underneath the belt parkway not far from Coney Island but right by the subway depot so it was a dead spot where anything could happen and no one would know.

I am glad that it is Friday and i will have a four day weekend until i return to work and then i will only be working 3 days! It will be a great time to get some reading done and catch up on some sleep. I got some cold from my workers here, it is like having kids, when they get sick, I get sick... It was just a few days of being sore and stuffed up and hopefully I won't get it again for a few months.

I found a great place for Chinese food around the corner from my apartment. I did make the mistake of saying extra spicy because it came out without any spice at all. I should have known better then to confuse them, next time I will just point to the picture and say "1, to go" just to keep it simple. Next I need to try the pizza place that is a couple blocks further. I love having so many things close by to where I live. I might gain 100 pounds but at least it will be close to my house so I won't have to walk far to get fatter.

For the holidays, I am planning on sleeping in and then speding some nice quiet time at home then heading to the Ellis home for the evening. I am actually looking forward to some quiet days of doing nothing. If the weather is nice I might head into manhattan to see what is cooking but other than that no plans and that is a good thing.