Thursday, December 14, 2006

Having fun in chinatown!

Steve, my boss, said that I was heartless and crazy for letting my sister navigate her way around the city by herself so he gave me the day off. Of course I had already worked 3 hours and had most of my work done and now I owe him one, but it was nice of him. Becky and I drove into the city and eventually parked at a lot near the Holland tunnel which made for a nice escape. We worked our way accross Canal street where she bought some women purses things for a pretty good price. It was one of those places that we had to follow a little chinese chick a few blocks up and into the basement of a little shopping mart. In the basement it was behind another locked door and it was a paradise for her.

After the collection of her loot, we walked through Chinatown for a little bit and sat in a park down there just to people watch and enjoy the language. It is a fun place to sit and see all the old men shuffle around and play checkers. There was even a bit of music there that made me feel like I was watching a martial arts movie.

We went up to little Italy after that and got some cannollis from Ferrara's. They were good and I want more but I don't want to have a heart attack this year so I might wait a few weeks before I go back.

We went into Jersey and hung out with the Ellis family for a bit and then got some of the good pizza over in Westfield... It really is good there. We made it out to Morristown for institute and then crawled back home to get a few hours rest before heading out this morning. As I type, she is walking around one of the museums in Manhattan and I am hoping to get out of here soon so we can get some food and figure out what the plan is for tonight. I just want some sleep.