Saturday, December 30, 2006

We're heeeere!

I know that I posted this picture over the weekend and it is now Wednesday of the following week but I just haven't had the right time to get this typed. I also know that I might catch some grief for not doing anything "amazing" for the New Year. Here I live in NYC and have one of the biggest parties going on just a matter of miles from my home and I didn't join. All I have to say about that is there is no way that I could be talked into be a sardine for 10 hours in Times Square just to see a flashing ball drop. This may sound cynical but after being stuck in crowds on just a normal evening there is no way that this sounded fun.

Friday night I went to a dane up in Inwood. Fun dance, good people. After the dance Amber Hailee Rob and I crammed into my little work truck and made our way down to the Path station so the girls coule get back to Jersey. Hailee and Rob wanted a little alone time so Amber and I found some food and waited for them to find us.

Sunday was a church day after a lot of sleeping, then I split my time between Jersey at the Ortiz home and in Queens at Lisa's house. I slpet through most of monday and spent the rest of the time in my PJ's at lisa's place.

Now I am back to work and just getting through one day at a time. I really wonder what goes through my technicians'heads when I see the things they do at a customers home. A funny note this morning I was going over some customers with one of my guys and I remarked how it would suck to have this man's name. He asked which one and I said Henry Kissinger. He told me it was him... I said THE Henry... He said yes and that he gets to go through Secret Service everytime. Who would of thought that the Orkin man had such connections!?!