Friday, December 29, 2006

Orange and me

Behind me you can see the Orange Mime. I have to say that he impresses me even though he isn't that good at what he does. It is fun to see where he pops up over the city though and to see how the crowds react to him. Becky told me I should get a show of my own and have been giving it some thought. I think maybe W.W.W.D. What Would Willie Do? I could play some Willie Nelson music and have people sing along then sell some bracelets for a couple of dollars... It would give me something to do on the weekends at least.

Christmas was great. My family was able to send me some great gifts and I spent the day in Jersey with friends. Christmas Eve, I dressed as Santa and went to a friend's home and did a routine for her son that is 4. It was funny because this kid never stops talking but when he came in and saw me he shocked. I left through the back door and changed into normal clothes and rang the front door bell. He saw me and was still quiet and his mom said that he just had a visit from Santa, so I asked him what he talked to Sant about and he said "I didn't know what to say!". He is a funny kid so it was fun hanging out with him. After that we all went to midnight mass at the local Catholic church. That was interesting but I liked it.

Christmas Day i went to the Ellis home hoping to hang out with David for a few hours but he had alternate plans that involved an attractive Brazilian. I can't say I blame him for it considering I spent part of my Christmas in similar circumstances. When I got home that night I slept like a baby, after eating Chinese food of course. That is my new tradition, Chinese food on Christmas!

I had Tuesday off so i spent the morning cleaning my apartment and getting some groceries then just hanging out with friends the rest of the afternoon. Just add sleeping and working and that was the rest of my week as well. There is a YSA dance tonight up in Harlem that sounds like will get a big turnout so I am looking forward to that especially because the Jersey crowd is planning on coming over for it.

my thought for the day is that I am really getting settled in my life... The thought of actually having kids of my own really scares me! I don't know how people do it, it must just be one of those things you like after it's all done.