Monday, December 04, 2006

Where to start? Firs off, I am now in my own apartment in Queens and I am so happy that I could just sit at home for the next week and not be bored at all!!!

This has been a very fun, busy and stressfull week. On Monday we had an auditor come in to look at some of the commercial accounts that we handle here in the office. He is a nice guy but it gets very tiring putting forward the top game for 3 days straight. I did eat some good food with him though, we did Famous Daves one day for lunch and then had some good mexican food from Cozymels. One day we ate at Applebees but that was because the pizza hut we were going to eat at was infested with roaches so we went accross the street to somewhere safe. I learned a lot of little things that will help make my job a bit easier.

A few nights this past week I met up with some of the Jersey girls to run around the city. This led to some moments where I was led into temptaion to dance and sing "Loosen up my buttons" on the streets of NY and this may have been filmed and posted on myspace accounts of these girls... I really wonder why I do such stupid things but then I realize that I will do just about anything to make a cute girl laugh even if it means throwing my dignity out the window.

The weather here has been very nice this past week and made for some fun trips into the city and to Jersey. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge twice and have ridden a ton of subways and seen some really funny people. On Saturday, I was with Alexis and we both had a good laugh about this man sitting accross from us. It looked like he had purchased some used textbooks and was reading them, the funny part was that he was reading them like they were the funniest things he had ever seen! Thumbing through a high school math book and laughing at it... He is one that I will remember!

David was nice enough to give up his Friday and help me clear out my storage locker and get the last of my junk over here. It took a little longer than I had planned because we were in a commercial vehicle and couldn't drive on certain roads so we had to go the long way to get places. I was able to get him some food from the place I like around the corner from my office so that made it worth it, at least I think it did.

The people that I am renting from are super cool and I look forward getting to know them better. Which brings up an interesting conversation that I have been having a lot lately... Trust. I am not going to start talking deep or anything but I have really been learning that maybe I don't trust people enough, oh well. I doubt that can change, all I am worried about right now is finding a Hello Kitty shower curtain for my bathroom and getting the smoke smell out of the apartment.