Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bryant Park

It was another fun weekend out here on the East Coast. There was another dance in Queens that was kind of a let down, mostly because the Stake President was there in the corner monitoring the social movements of the singles. After the dance I was able to get a few friends back to my apartment and have a sleepover! It was great just haveing people around to talk and laugh with, for a little bit I actually felt like I was back in my old apartment in Utah. I slept for a long time on Saturday to make up for the night before and then went to Manhattan for a few hours.

One downside to my place is that there isn't easy access to the subway so I have to drive a little ways to get near one and then try to find parking. When I was in the city, Cesar and I decided to head to NJ for a sleepover with the same group as Friday. We did that then on Sunday drove to Long Island to attend the singles branch out there. They are a fun group and i think that with a few more visits I might actually want to hang out with them... I am a snob sometimes!

This past week overall has been nice, with Vinny back I was able to get off of work at a decent hour and get some fun in the evenings. I walked over to the mall on night and saw Deja Vu, it was a fun movie, stupid but fun.

This week should be fun and busy. Becky is getting into town tommorrow night and I will be picking her up and then showing her around. juggle that in with work and a budding social life and it will be fun to keep moving. Right now, i am just tired and really can't wait to get home and get some sleep...