Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chillin with Morgan

So I saw Morgan Freeman and had to get a picture with him! Of course this was outside the wax museum and he really is just a statue but still, I saw Morgan Freeman!!!

Wednesday night I had some time on my hands, the group that I was going to be meeting decided to take a bit longer in getting to the city so I got bored of waiting and went for a stroll on up to 81st st where they were inflating the Macy's parade balloons. It was cool to see them but at the same time it was weird becasue on TV these things look huge and cool. Up close they are just painted garbage bags... It was fun becasue there was a ton of people and it is just fun to listen in on the many different conversations, especially the people from Jersey. I met up with the group at the balloons and we did another round of Dora, Big Bird and Snoopy... We grabbed some pizza and then I got some more Tasti D Lite, it was really good, I even got chocolate sprinkles instead of rainbow. Talk about living life in the fast lane.

Yesterday for Thanksgiving, I was invited to the Ellis home and was able to visit and eat with them and and eclectic group of guests. last night, David and I took off to a friend's house and stayed there until around 2 this morning. I wanted to stay as late as possible to avoid traffic coming back into NY. It was fun, we just messed around and did the usual flirting yelling and teasing that we do best. Some of it was caught on film and when we watched it later that night, I had to ask myself why I do such stupid things? At the time it seems funny but when i watch it later.... i really am an idiot! It is a wonder that I have friends at all with the way I behave.

1 more week and I will be living in my own apartment! Just want to remind everyone of that because I am truly excited to be a lone wolf again.

I am at work today but I am hoping that I won't have to do much work at all but just goof around until I can go home and back to sleep. It sucks being the low man on the totem pole but Steve takes care of me so I will do what I got to do to keep him happy.