Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He's busy...

This is just a funny picture. i tried calling Danny the other day and I got his voicemail... well I guess he was too busy to answer his phone but he had some time to take a picture of him in the bathroom! I laughed for a good 10 minutes when I got this one.

We had a regional manager in the office yesterday and he did a follow-up audit to the one that we failed in August. I have been worried about this for some time now just because the termite portion falls onto my shoulders and I didn't want to let anyone down. We passed everything without problems, well other than missing a couple of signatures on some paperwork but that is fixed by driving to the customers house and getting them to sign it. Problem solved and now I am almost stress free.

After seeing Wicked, i decided tht I should read the book. From what people have told me I was prepared to hate the book but I am really into it right now. Sean, my florist in Utah, loves the book and it is one of his favorites to read and I agree with him. It is much darker than the musical and it delves deep into the politics and religion of Oz. Really, it is just a great commentary on our society and very honest with matters of race religion and class. Mostly it feels good just to be reading again. I didn't realize how much i missed sitting back and enjoying a great novel until now. Winter is a great time to read anyways with it getting dark at night.

Tonight I think that I might head out and catch a movie. Not sure yet, maybe the prestige or I just might get some chinese food and stay home. So many tough choices to make. Plans for Friday are going to be fun. There is another Stake dance in Queens. I am hoping that given as much fun as the last one was that there will be a lot more people there this weekend.

On Sunday I forgot it was stake conference and pulled up to a locked church parking lot. I made my way out to the singles ward on long island... They are nice there but kind of nutty too. A perfect combination. I even made it out to Morrstown that night for the CES broadcast and that was really fun. None of the snotty people showed so it was a great group to hang out with for a few hours.

I am hungry so i am thinking chinese food. But some pasta sounds good too.