Monday, November 20, 2006

A home away from home

Well this is the place that I spend most of my time. It hasn't changed much other than the new furniture which gives me some more working space... Horray! Other than a couple failed attempts to get my motorcycle to the bike shop in Jersey and a couple of activities, i have been tied to this desk and it is starting to get to my head.

This past week was fun overall, even if I was in a pissy mood for most of it. The highlight would probably be Saturday night in NJ. There was a multi-stake activity for the YSA and they had some food talents and dancing and of course, the best part was having a lot of cute girls to flirt with. I will admit that there is one that has got my attention but who knows how long that will last... I saw the new Santa Clause movie that afternoon as well. I was hoping to see Stranger than Fiction but I didn't want to wait an hour for it so i got the next show. It was 2 hours of my life that I will never get back and I can't believe I watched the whole thing! I was able to find some very tasty donuts in Manhattan on Saturday morning though. Across from the temple there was a mini farmers market and they had these apple cinnamon sugar type donuts that were way too good.

Went to church yesterday and listened to our ecentric stake president somewhow tie the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland to being a member of the church. I am sure that he is a great guy underneath but it is might painful to hear and watch him at the pulpit. He likes to fling his arms a lot and pull strange metaphors out of thin air. I met up with Lisa last night and we chatted for a little while and thn played a game of scrabble. She was thumbing through the dictionary at one point nad stopped and said "Stand of fish! that isn't a word!" Then when trying to read the definition, she realized the word was standoffish... We had a good laugh over that one. She won the game, I had some creative words but she was bale to get most of the doulble and triple word scores. i would like to say that I let her win but I didn't. She is going to Utah in a couple of weeks and I told her to look Becky up at the Zoo and I hope she does because they would get along great.

Today will be another day at the grindstone but I need to get out of here early for real today so i can get this bike fixed. I was all ready to do it last week but I realized that I had left my key for the motorcycle at the apartment... I was right next to staten island so i had to double back and that took about an hour so by the time I got to Jersey we tried to get to the shop but couldn't do it in time. Today I have to get it done. Among everything else that is going on I want my motorcycle back and in good repair.

Well, i am being swarmed by the guys so I need to get back to work.