Friday, November 03, 2006

Naughty Moo

Lacy sent me this picture of Amelia and I love it so I am putting it everywhere i can.

I wish that I had something happy to say right now but I really don't. The last few days at work have been a bear mostly because I haven't been able to get out of the office all that much and do some field work. i know some people might love working in an office but I am going crazy. Yesterday, I went to my truck in the morning and it was raining and I had a flat tire! Changing a flat really isn't that hard to do but it is much nicer when it is warm and dry outisde.

I have become disenchanted with the morristown institute class. To make a long story short, I am sick of meddling girls who have nothing better to do than point out the falws in everyone else around instead of trying to build others up. I know that I am not always nice, but I have reasons. it was nice last night though because I dropped off Frank and David was in the process of making hamburgers and that was some good comfort food. Of course I stayed late because it is always fun talking with David, especially late at night when we are even more goofy than normal. I really don't know how many hours of sleep I am missing but at this point I just figure that it doesn't make that much of difference anymore.

For the weekend, I want to find a good diner in the city. I was there the other night and we ate a place that was worse than the night of Wicked. It was more fun though because now we all have a nasty manhattan food story. At this point I just want to sleep through Saturday but if I do that, work will really suck on Monday so i am going to force myself to find something fun.

One plan that I am looking forward to is on thankgiving eve, I am going to Central Park to watch them inflate the balloons for the big parade. I don't think that I will watch the parade the next day but seeing them the night before will be good enough for me.