Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Angie and The Willie

This picture was sent to me the other day. Angie and Bret were enjoying the Kamas Demolition Derby and she saw this Willie Nelson look a like, I am jealous that she got the pic and not me.

Things are looking very good on the job front. Tuesday I took the day off from Viking and met up with Steve and Vinny over at the Orkin office in Queens. Long story made short, they still like me and and I went to take my drug test and physical. Once the results are final and corporate has a chance to review them, I am a full employee of the company with all the benefits. I am just excited about walking away from this job I have now!!

I am very lucky because I called Alan Blumenfeld, a friend of my dad's, and asked him about some of the neighborhoods in Queens that it would be safe to rent a room in until I found out what area I want to live in and he offered to let me stay at his place in Manhattan until I found a room. That is a very kind offer and I am very very lucky to have kind people around to help me in this transition.

Other than that things are still fun here. On monday, I went into Manhattan with Carol to attend a stake FHE at the stake center. It was a mix of comedy and music. The comedy was by this lds girl who I thought was smart and funny and CUTE! A great combination. The music was very generic but.... what are you gunna do? We drove into the city that night and it wasn't bad at all, a lot faster than the train and we had AC.

On a sad note, Fifi the chicken did not make it home last night and I am worried about her. I am hoping that she got lost and will soon find her way back home.

Tonight, after dropping off some laundry to get done, I went to Cosimo's for a slice and found that all of downtown West field was having a party of some kind. It was cool, there was a band and a lot of runners. I got my slice to go and walked through the crowds and listened to the band. They were the Michael Craig Band and were really funny. Kind of like the Smothers Brothers but not as good. I love this town. If I ever some back to Jersey, I really want to live in downtown Westfield.

So that's the scoop. Miss the family. Miss the mountains and those nice cold summer nights but I love being here in the East!