Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Boy

Well I guess it was going to happen sooner or later, some idiot in his fancy mercedes backed up into my motorcycle earlier this evening. I figured that since it had cooled off I could just cruise around while there wasn't any traffic on the road..... Lucky for me, the bike wasn't hurt bad. Oh, I wasn't hurt either but I am more worried about my boy. The front fender was bent into the tire and I was able to bend it back and continue on my ride and it felt like there isn't anything wrong with the forks or tire but I am going to take it in and have someone go over it too make sure. Luis Salmun, the driver, was really apologetic and said he would pay to fix it. I just paced back and forth for a bit until I didn't feel like slamming his head into his bumper anymore.

Once we got things straightened out, I continued on my ride. After all, the best way to unwind is on the highway. I have to say this about New Jersey, I really like the way that I can ride 20 miles one way and just loop onto another highway for the 20+ miles home. It really ended up being a nice evening especially because on my way home I stopped by Cossimo's for a slice. I saw David there and he hooked me up with a free cheese slice and it was mmmmmmmm. Really, that is without a doubt the best pizza anywhere. What a nice way to finish a ride.

This morning was fun too. Grant and I helped his fiancé's roommate move some furniture and then installed a new dishwasher in her condo. It wasn't too hard to do and we even got a killer breakfast to start our day. I am always up for food.

In tribute to my motorcycle, I have his pic on the post today, he has served me well and I will not let him down. I love my boy. Of course I know that it is just a bike but he never argues with me or tells me what to do and best of all, we both enjoy the highway at sunset!