Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is Fifi the chicken!

Sorry for the delay, due to some user error, the mouse was broken and without a mouse, using a computer can be very difficult.

Where to start? Well, Saturday night I met up with some friends to watch the Ortiz-Shamrock fight. I have to admit that it was very disappointing. While we all knew that Shamrock was going to get pummeled, none of thought it would happen in under 2 minutes. He was on the ground and Ortiz just started throwing those elbows and got in 5 straight hits witout a response so the ref called the fight on a TKO. I think the old man deserved a fair chance but the rules are the rules.

Sunday was another painful day at the singles ward. Again, the only friendly people were the interns everyone else was just in a different zone. To finish the evening I went over to Carol's house and had some dinner with her family and the missionaries. They are really young! That is where I met Fifi the chicken. She is the family pet and lays eggs for everyone to find. For Fifi, everyday is Easter. After that I met up with my friend Jay and hung out at his place while some people played cards. He then told me about the Greasy Trucks. On Rutgers campus there are some trucks that are open 24-7 that serve some really cool sandwiches. I really don't like sandwiches but when mine came with Philly cheese steak,chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and french fries all rolled into one bun for only $4.75, I couldn't resist. It was great and we decided that we would try a different one each time until we had them all!

Monday at Viking I was paired up with another salesman and this one is really cool. He has a laid back approach to sales and really focuses on gaining trust and then presenting the service options. So the last couple days with the company have actually been enjoyable. And since the office ladies like him, we don't have to work until 8pm every night.

After leaving work tonight I decided to get a haircut for my interview tomorrow and the lady found a way to butcher my scalp. So much for looking nice to make a great impression. Maybe the guy will feel bad for me and hire me because my haircut is crappy. Earlier this afternoon Steve, my future boss, called to wish me luck and ask me if I had any questions before my interview tomorrow. That is impressive that he would take the time to keep in touch. I really think that this is a much better move. I just need to find an affordable apartment in a somewhat safe neighborhood to make the final leap.

On a side note, it appears that David is making great strides of improvement while in Japan.... Wink, Wink. The man is becoming more aware of the crafty women that surround him. Congratulations!