Sunday, August 27, 2006

40 watts

Here's a picture of Tayson. From what I understand, he was made a deacon today. That is a neat experience and I am kind of bummed that I wasn't able to be a part of it.

Yesterday was the NJ multistake activity at the beach. Talk about a drive. From Queens to Island beach state park it is about a 90 minute drive, with no traffic. This being NJ, there was plenty of traffice the whole way down there. I made it in a little under 3 hours. It was a lot of fun though. They had some decent food but mostly it was fun to hang out with some friends. NJ really has some pretty beaches. It was a bit chilly since it was overcast and the wind was blowing but the water was nice and warm. I wasn't planning on getting in the water but since David jumped in right away, I had to step up to the challenge as well. Talk about some big waves, it took a lot of strength to stay upright.

After, I joined the Ellis 3 on a drive back down the CHiscken or the Egg resturaunt for some more of those chicken wings. MMMMMMM they were great of course.

I am off to a fireside in a few minutes here in Queens, it's for the start if a new semester of institute. I really hope that there will be some cool people attending some classes so i can get friends that live under 1 hour away from me. I don't think that is asking too much, but who knows.

I leave early tomorrow morning for Philly, I have some people that I will be riding along with to continue some training. It should be fun. All I really want to see is the Rocky statue though. Maybe the liberty bell but mostly the Rocky statue. I am going down there with Donna, she is a new scheduler we have here at the office and she has some training lined up to do down there as well. If we leave early enough, we might miss some of the Jersey traffic......