Sunday, August 06, 2006


So this has been a crazy busy week. Very fun but very busy. I am still here in Manhattan at the Blumenfelds and I am hoping to have some time after work this week to get into an apartment. I really enjoy the people that I am working with. The techs that i will be managing are good hard working guys for the most part. The biggest problem that I see so far is just getting them to have better comunication skills with the customers. A couple of the guys are a little hard to get moving but they get their work done at the end of the day, what more can I ask for?

Yesterday, I went into Jersey first thing in the morning because I had to drop off some unforms to Viking and help a girl with moving some furniture. I met up with a girl from the Morristown institute and we went to lunch in Morristown at a cool resturaunt called The Famished Frog. I really liked the food. The service was great as well. My only complaint was that they brought our food out really fast so we were only part way through our appetizer when we were served. After that, I was tired so we went and sat on a bench on The Green, a park in the middle of town. Before we left, we stopped at Godiva's and got some chocolate to nibble on.

Last night, I hung out with David Liz and Tanya (the one in the picture) here in Manhattan. We met up with the girls outside of Macy's. We walked for a bit anf then decided to walk across the Brooklyn bridge abd get some pizza at the other side. I really had a fun evening. Next time, I will ride the subway accross the river and then walk the bridge towards the City to get a better view of everything. It was still a great view though. Truth be told, I like the pizza at Cosimo's much better than at Grimaldi's. I know that it is more of an overall experience but the pizza really wasn't that good at all.

Today was another day of sleep and church and meeting up with friends. Earlier I met up with Liz and Tanya again and we met some people in the Park and just sat and enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I did get a parking ticket tonight, my first of many to come but I am going to contest this thing. Appearently it was a bus zone but there wasn't a buss sign anywhere on the block and I parked with other cars..... Welcome to NYC

This is going to be a crazy week at Orkin because there will be an auditor and the regional manager there at the branch. Things are all in order and I really don't have to worry at all but I will be busy all the same.