Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cookies for me!!

Lucky me. I came back to the offoce this afternnon and found a box of cookies sent from Utah to cheer me up for my birthday. I have been sharing and everyone thinks that they are the best cookies they have ever tasted. Good job Katie, everyone is impressed.

Sunday was a great day, after church I made my way over to Jersey and took a nap over in the park in Westfield. It really is a great town. When i woke up, I went to the Ortiz house. They have Quickly become my family here in the east. Mostly because they are just a little bit crazy like me and I love being there. We has quite a group show up and we played mophia which was really stupid but I went along with it. David was a trooper and had everyone sign a card for me. I'm not much of a birthday guy but it was nice that he remembered.

I spent Monday, my birthday, here at the office. Nothing fancy just talking to family and eating some food and getting through the paperwork and phone calls. This week, we have the regional service manager here and he is great to talk to because he has a grundle of ideas and is a great communicator, so I appreciate having him around.

Today, I rode with my termite techs and we went to a couple of jobs in Brooklyn and one here in Queens to redo some of the problem areas. It is hard getting the point through to them but I think that things will work out nicely once everything settles down. I really enjoyed just getting out of the office and on the road. The customers are all happy to see us and it really isn't that hard. Long hours but that is what I came here for. I am also spending time here in the office getting my future office cleaned out. It was the file room so I moved all the files out pulled out the carpet and padding and now I will be chipping up the tiles and putting down new carpet, then i can settle in and make it a comfortable workspace. not to sound too odd but I will do some floor lighting and get some of my posters from home on the wall.

I am moving into my place tonight. I got a room in Howard Beach which is just a 5 minute drive from here and right next to the belt Parkway which will make getting to Jersey easy... sort of. The room is small but clean and cheap. Well, cheap for out here. 500 bucks a month and that includes utilities. i can use the living room and kitchen and the guys aren't home much at all because they live upstate and just use it when they are in town. A good deal for me and I get a chance to save up some money and time to look for a nice apartment. now I just need to find where the ward meets out here and that is that.

Thanks again to katie for taking away some of the pangs of being homesick with her cookies.