Sunday, August 20, 2006


This sign speaks for itself.

I am still in a fog from testerday. After getting some storage from NJ I came back to the apartment and got settled in. Picked up a few groceries at a nasty store, and somehow fell asleep for about 4 hours. I stumbled around the apartment for awhile before I realized that I was awake.

Today, i attended church at the Richmond Hill Branch. There are quite a few unique people in this ward and they were all very nice. They didn't have an orginist so we sung the opening hymn to a cd player that broke at the begining of the sacrament hymn. The choirester was great and just kept waving her arms until we got through it, with a smile the whole time. I met a girl named Veronica, I thought that was funny. Yes, she is single but we are not going there...

I am heading back into NJ in a little bit for a fireside but first I need to finish my dinner here in the office. Spaggetti and pizza. I know it is Sunday but I wasn't in the mood for yogurt and oreos for my dinner. Besides, they deliver, and i really like it. Pizza by the slice, what a wonderful world.