Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Office

So, it's a Saturday morning and I figured that I would come into the office to check my email and post another pic on the blog. Why not a picture of my office. Obviously, it is not a highrise building. It's in Queens and has barred windows and graffiti, ever so peaceful. I do have to admit that Queens is really growning on me. When I first got to Jersey, everyone told me to stay away from a town called Elizabeth. I drove through it once and thought that it was a scary place. Now after living in NY, I drove through Elizabeth and think that it would be really nice town to live in. It's all about the contrast.

I have been over to Jersey the last couple of nights to attend the institute classes and I am heading over again to get some stuff out of my storage locker. It really cracks me up how I can live in NYC and still be bored enough to want to go over into Jersey for a social life.

No matter what, I am just happy to have a place that I can call my own, even if there are roommates. Actually, the guys are upstate right now and I don't think that they are coming home until Monday which means I have the place to myself. Not bad for 500 a month. Howard Beach is really a nice neighborhood, there is a Wamu just around the cormer along with a theater and grocery store. It would be perfect if it was a more central location but that is why it was cheaper.

I did call the Branch President of the branch I will be attending and he was very nice and seemed surprised that I wasn't calling to ask for anything other than to transfer my records. They meet at 1 on Sunday so I guess I can sleep in for a little while. I really hope that there is at least one person that I can pal around with. I am in desperate need of a NY friend and I am not ready to start posting on a dating site to meet one.

PS-Send pictures, I need stuff for my walls. Megan says it will help me feel more comfortable out here.
Mailing address: 10601 101st Avenue, Ozone Park, NY 11416.
That's the office, so mail them. thanks