Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here's Johnny!

So things have been really crazy and I don't know where to start, so i will introduce you to Johnny. Johnny is one of the Ellis' cats who is cute and friendly but also very stupid. I like Johnny as long as he doesn't get too close to me. He love garbage and sneaking into the basement.

My first day at Orkin was yesterday and I loved it. They set me up with a company vehicle, gas card and EZ pass, got my payroll squared away and uniforms ordered. I am impressed with Steve and know that he is a hard working guy that I can trust and that means a lot. He is short on office staff so I ended up working the phones for the afternoon, even though I can't work the computer system there, I was able to work with the customers on some of their problems. The biggest problem is just getting the techs to show up, I don't know what these guys are doing but it drove me crazy.

Last night Alan took me out to a great fancy Mexican resturant called Rosa Mexicana. I sat down and started to look at the menu and realized he wasn't so I put my menu down and followed his lead. Dining in Manhattan is very different but I enjoyed it. You start with an appetizer and then maybe another one and then the entree. The whole evening is filled in with conversation as well. The food was great and the presentation was awesome. Afterwards, I met his business partner Mark and Mark took us around the corner to get Tasty Delight. It is a softserve ice cream that is pretty decent, we all got sprinkles on top.

Between the dining and letting me crash in his apartment, the Blumenfelds have been more than kind to me. It is fun to come home and have the doormen greet you. Alan also showed me a trick when coming down the elevator to get a taxi ready, you just lift the phone times and when we got to the street... Presto! A taxi. It was fun. Once i find an apartment, I will be bored but for now, I'm enjoying every second.