Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another one bites the dust

What can I say? Spencer is a married man! Danny sent me this picture hence his head is in it! Congrats to Spencer! I'm just glad I'm out here so no one can rub it in too much that I am still single.

I actually enjoyed attending the singles ward today. I saw CK, a girl that graduated from Olympus the same year and she is a nice one to be friends with. The only downside to attending the singles ward today was NJ Transit on the ride home. Apparently, a few of their platforms at the Newark Penn station were not open so everything was backed up, we sat on the tracks for 30 minutes and just watched the trains go by until it was our turn. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

Last night was a multi stake dance lesson thingy and it was fun for the first half hour then it was just a downward spiral. I think maybe some other people had fun but my attention span is only 20 minutes and the lady doing the teaching went on and on about the Cha Cha Cha! I mean come on! The hard part was that she couldn't teach it in any simple way. We did learn a waltz that was fun, until she made us do it to country song at twice the normal speed.

We just finished up the evening at a multi stake fireside that had about 40 people in attendance. The lady that did the fireside, is the same one that teaches the Morristown institute class so she was fun to listen to. Afterwards, David and I had a chance to flirt with the ladies.... I love to flirt but haven't really asked anyone out on a date yet just because I really need to get on my own before I can do that.

Well, tomorrow is another day at Viking and Tuesday(cross my fingers) will be a very good day for me. More on that later.