Sunday, June 04, 2006

The girls and me!

What a day. Sunday was my first chance to take the rugged Tundra and see how my boy would do in the city. Other than taking the Holland Tunnel and ending up downtown, the day was amazing.(The Lincoln Tunnel would have put me Uptown where I needed to be) After finally finding parking just 3 blocks from the temple, I met up with Loni and Scooter and we were able to chat before the singles ward started. I can't believe that I was foolish enough to think that there wouldn't be any crazy people in the ward!! There are plenty and I can't wait for the next testimony meeting. Of course this meeting was special because we saw MITT ROMNEY in the foyer! Holy cow! I am thinking of becoming Republican now that I was so close to him.

After church, we made our way down to a pizzeria and had ourselves a few slices, nothing as good as cossimo's, but good enough for lunch. We then explored a small part of central park and saw Chris Noth from Sex and the City, a rollerskating dance party, crazy people fishing in the pond and large men wearing verylittle clothing. What a city!

By this point, we were pretty much out of steam so we climbed back in the truck and drove Downtown just for the fun of it. I will admit that driving here is much more fun than in Utah. Here you can do things that Utahns pull guns out over. It is the survival of the fittest and quickest when it comes to traffic out here. I am proud to say that I can cut people off as well as any cabbie out here.

It's just a matter of time before I get bored of this place but I hope it never happens.