Friday, June 16, 2006

What are you gonna do aboudit?

I may not sound like I am from Jersey but I am not talking like one. I was riding today with one of the techs from the company and I noticed that at the end of every sentence I would end with the classic Joisey phrase; But what are you gonna do.... I think that makes me official or stupid, I haven't decided which.

Last night, was the Morristown institute class. It felt nice to be surrounded by Utah girls again. Most of the people in that class(there were 16) were nannies from Utah and they were cute too. I think that this might work for me because they all live more than 30 miles from me and that means that I can flirt but not date because of the distance. Lucky me!

I have a nice lead on an apartment that I am checking out in a couple minutes. It's in Cranford and hopefully it works out, if not, I will keep on looking. I think I got most of the smoke smell out of my hair that I got today while riding along with David. Not Judo David, this guy was the tech that I rode with. I liked him, he is a hard worker and likes his customers and other than the smoking it was a great day.